Friday, November 18, 2016

5 Fun Date Night Ideas

Me and my FAVORITE date; Photo courtesy of Jennifer Polson Photography
Dinner and a movie is fun, but there's no need to fall into a date-night rut. I like to take full advantage of a night out with my love, especially now that we have a little one at home and our alone time is less frequent. Regardless of whether or not your night requires a babysitter, here are 5 fun ideas for a fun night out:
  1. Progressive Dinner: We live in a city with so many awesome bars and restaurants that it might be impossible to try them all, but we're certainly trying! I love the idea of cocktails and appetizers at one place, dinner at another, and dessert at one final stop. It draws the night out and lets you explore a bit. 
  2. Bike Ride: One of my favorite memories of a trip to wine country was biking through the vineyards of Healdsburg with Neal. We didn't have fancy bikes, but it was a leisurely, relaxing ride that could easily be replicated in your city. Not too keen on biking alongside cars? Try a spinning class instead- I'm definitely eager to get Neal to join me at the new SoulCycle studio that opened near us!
  3. Dancing: This one is a bit city-dependent. In Austin, we've visited The Broken Spoke for some Texas Two-Step lessons, and we've taken a few ballroom dance classes together.  Both were a little bit out of our comfort zones, but a fun way to spend a couple of hours!
  4. Cooking Class: If you do your research, you're likely to find lots of cooking class options in your area. Even places like Sur La Table and Whole Foods offer them. Pick a class and cook something new and inventive with your honey- a little teamwork in the kitchen is a good thing!
  5. Coffee Shop Game Night: Scrabble is one of my favorite games, but on nights when we need to get out of the house, it's fun to go have dessert and coffee at a swanky spot downtown while playing a game of cards or a board game. Many coffee shops already have games available, but there's no harm in bringing your own!

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