Friday, December 30, 2016

2016 in Review

This time last year, Neal and I were discussing plans for the year ahead and decided that we'd take it easy- no major life milestones. Those plans went out the window on New Year's Eve when we found out that we were expecting Henry, and what a year it has been!  I've been reflecting on some of my favorite moments of 2016, and along those lines, here are some of my favorite blog posts:

Travel Calendar

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We made it to all of the cities that we planned to visit, and then some. Although big trips weren't in the cards for this past year, the long weekend getaways were the perfect respite from long work hours and baby anticipation.

Make Every Minute Count

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This has really been the theme of my year. Pre-Henry, I was traveling every week for work and it took a lot of planning to cross off all of my to-dos each week. Post-Henry, life is even more hectic since we're at the mercy of an infant's schedule.  Time management has never been more critical!

Fit Pregnancy

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I was fortunate to have an easy pregnancy, but I definitely made the most of it. Yoga and Bar Method were parts of my daily routine, helping to keep me awake (it's exhausting to make a tiny human) and healthy.

Take-Out In

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One of my maternity leave projects was to cook my way through some new grain-free cookbooks, so I've tried a lot of new recipes this year. They haven't all been good, but this recipe was an improved variation of one that I tried and it's now part of our regular rotation. It's SO yummy!

Visiting a New Baby

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We had so many visitors after Henry it was born, and although it was amazing and we felt so loved,  I also came up with a list of things that I wish some of our visitors had considered.

Accepting Gifts Graciously

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I wish I had written this post long ago. I am a terrible gift recipient, and as the holidays approached it was a good exercise to remind myself how to be gracious.

Weekend in Boston

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So many friends have visited Boston and have asked me what they should see/do. I've finally written it down, and I have to say this itinerary would make for an AWESOME weekend. We just got back from a trip to Boston and I'm already itching to go back...

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