Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Best Baby Gifts

We received so many wonderful gifts for Henry, but after a few months there are definitely a few that I'd consider "must haves." Baby gear can quickly overtake your house, but in reality, you only need a few multi-tasking items. These are the things that we use on a daily basis (in addition to essentials like bottles and diapers):

  1. Wubbanubs. Any new mom will tell you- these things are awesome. The little animal keeps the pacifier from flying across the room when baby spits it out, but it's also super cute to see your little one "holding" his first little toy!
  2. Bouncy Seat. You don't have to get the Baby Bjorn (although it's awesome) but I do definitely recommend a bouncy seat. You can't hold your baby all day, so this seat is a savior when you need to do normal things like take a shower or make dinner. 
  3. Stroller System. I have the UppaBaby Vista and I love it, mostly because it's multi-purpose. When Henry was teeny tiny, we used the stroller/bassinet combo indoors so that he could sleep and be wheeled from room to room with us. Carseats clip in easily so it's great on the go, and I especially like that I can steer it with one hand (helpful in places like the grocery store). 
  4. Rompers. Everyone loves to buy cute baby clothes, but I'm particularly partial to rompers. They're one piece, but they look like a complete outfit, so your baby will be stylin' in all those photos you're taking. 
  5. Little Giraffe Blanket. We received SO SO many blankets, but Henry's favorite is the Little Giraffe Luxe blanket. It's super soft and one that I know he'll tote around as he grows. If you're going to gift a blanket, this is the one to get. 
  6. NoseFrida. I was so skeptical about this "tool", but it is a lifesaver! It's not as gross as it looks, and it will definitely be put to use. 
  7. Multi-purpose toy. We got the Skip Hop Activity Puppy as a gift and it was an instant hit with Henry. It's got rattles, squeakers, makes crinkly noises, and has a teething bar. Of all the baby toys that we have, this one definitely gets the most use. I especially like that we can clip it to his playmat, carseat, etc.- very portable!
  8. Portable changing pad. Some diaper bags may come with changing pads, but I like the portability of this small clutch. It makes it easy to turn any tote bag into a "diaper bag," or you can just carry it as-is. 


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